Summer-Fun Patterns ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒด

Happy (almost) Sunday, readers! Today was beyond gorgeous – bright blue skies, low humidity, 88 degrees and a gleaming sun. What more can you ask for?! ๐ŸŒž

As this summer’s fashion trends have been rolling out, florals and bold colors have been HUGE! Now, don’t get me wrong, patterns and bold colors can undoubtedly be intimidating. The key to all things intimindation is confidence. If you dig the all-over, funky pattern, you rock it with confidence! Trust me, it will make every single outfit. 

I found the most fun patterned Pixie pants and shorts from Old Navy recently. 

I love these pants because you can mix a solid or a subtle pattern for the top to add a bit more sass & fun! The aloha flowers make me wish I were on vacation like no other. Also, I’m obsessed with Pixie pants in general – they’re always a perfect fit. 

Pick out your favorite:

These coral palm tree printed shorts are more than perfect. They’re long but not too long, like “mom-long.” I paired these with a white tunic from Old Navy for a casual & chic summer look. These bad boys are my new favorite shorts. ๐ŸŒด

No matter the color, no matter the pattern, always wear confidence. Life can’t be perfect, but your outfit can be. ๐ŸŽ€

What are some of your most loved summer patterns or pieces?

Until next time, Xx


MakeupMonday: Personal Look

HAPPY TUESDAY! As promised, I tried the classic makeup look I posted yesterday from Wander Beauty: light eye shadow, black eyeliner and rosy/maroon lips! Excuse the lighting of the photo- I took it in the Women’s bathroom at work and it turned out pretty harsh regardless… 


Products I used: Naked 3, a mix of Strange and Limit; Elf black liquid liner (normally I would spend more than $3 on eyeliner, but I love this stuff and it lasts quite a while!); Maybelline Blissful Berry lipstick (darker if you apply a decent amount, and lighter as the day wears on.)

What are some of your fav products for a similar, classic look?

Until next time, Xx


Hey, Hey, beauties! I’ve been slacking like crazy. NO EXCUSES! But I wanted to share something new, fun and super cute that came across my Instagram tonight: MakeupMonday. 

Here’s a simple look: light shadow, black liner and red lips- classic. This is from @wander_beauty and they sell makeup products! (all while posting some stellar pics online). CHECK EM OUT!

I’m definitely going to try this simple look out for work tomorrow– and then post! 

Do you have a fav makeup technique/trick or look? 

Until next time, Xx