Summer-Fun Patterns 🌼🌴

Happy (almost) Sunday, readers! Today was beyond gorgeous – bright blue skies, low humidity, 88 degrees and a gleaming sun. What more can you ask for?! 🌞

As this summer’s fashion trends have been rolling out, florals and bold colors have been HUGE! Now, don’t get me wrong, patterns and bold colors can undoubtedly be intimidating. The key to all things intimindation is confidence. If you dig the all-over, funky pattern, you rock it with confidence! Trust me, it will make every single outfit. 

I found the most fun patterned Pixie pants and shorts from Old Navy recently. 

I love these pants because you can mix a solid or a subtle pattern for the top to add a bit more sass & fun! The aloha flowers make me wish I were on vacation like no other. Also, I’m obsessed with Pixie pants in general – they’re always a perfect fit. 

Pick out your favorite:

These coral palm tree printed shorts are more than perfect. They’re long but not too long, like “mom-long.” I paired these with a white tunic from Old Navy for a casual & chic summer look. These bad boys are my new favorite shorts. 🌴

No matter the color, no matter the pattern, always wear confidence. Life can’t be perfect, but your outfit can be. πŸŽ€

What are some of your most loved summer patterns or pieces?

Until next time, Xx

My Vernacular

Oh my lanta! 1. It’s Monday! (that can be a good or bad thing)… 2. It’s been entirely too long since I’ve blogged… 3. I’m so excited to share the idea that came to me for this post! πŸ™†πŸ»πŸŒžπŸŒΈ



I’m always on the hunt for a fun, casual look that I can easily wear out for drinks/dinner in the evening! An easy combo is jeans and some type of black top, for me at least, πŸ˜‰ then doll it all up with some accessories!

While at work over the weekend at Vernacular (totally recommend for any + all of your fashion needs if you’re in the Columbus area!), I put together these fun and light Articles of Society boyfriend fit, ripped jeans with a girly black, English Factory, Lola top. The ruffles on the sleeveless top are so adorable and add a bit of flare to the outfit, along with the basic black pyramid Shosh earrings and Dalmatian-like Shapeshifter necklace. Throw on some sandals or a cute wedge and you’re set for any time of the day! πŸ’πŸ»πŸ’‹

Fashion tip for any outfit: it’s all about the subtle details! So glam it up however you like, ladies!

Ps- check out Vernacular from home: @shopvernacular on Instagram or shop Vernacular online– you won’t be sorry! πŸ™†πŸ»

What’s your favorite outfit to go from day-to-night?!

Until next time, Xx

Simplicity + Essentials

Happy pre-Friyay, y’all! I don’t know about you, but I’m soooo happy about the start of April– looking forward to fresh-weekly flowers, cool, crisp air and the vibrancy of beautiful spring colors in full swing!

While I was laying in bed after a long day of rain and in-office work, I thought about a topic I’ve always wanted to write on: essentials. Do you ever have those mornings where you’re running 45 minutes behind and you can barely wipe your face clean, let alone throw a few swipes of mascara on? Yeah, we’ve all had those days! πŸ™‹πŸ»

I’ve compiled a fun setΒ of essentials for just these types of mornings. I picked items I felt channel class with a bit of sass, yet are very simple to mix together!

1. A little lipstick never hurt nobody! If you only have time for mascara and a bit of blush, throw on a bit of lip color. I’m OBSESSSSED with this Revlon Berry Haute lipstick. Lip color will easily complete any look.

2. I LOVE my tortoise patterned Ray Bans! Throw on a pair of sassy shades and you are ready to conquer the day ahead! I also always have to wear a few of my gold bangles with any and every outfit (aside from my gym outfits!). They add a bit of subtle personality to any look. Here, (slightly blocked) I have the Compass Alex & Ani and small bow Kate Spade bracelet– both very different but highlight my interests.

3. Nude, and I’m not talking about getting naked, rather a very simple and not too high nude heel. The pointed toe adds a bit of sass but is so simple and classy to add to any outfit, including dark jeans for a casual Friday look! These bad boys are my new faves. They’re Comfort Plus heels from Payless, and let me tell you, I could run around downtown Columbus all day in these and not feel a thing (just about…)!

What are your “go-tos” when you’re running behind for work or on the weekend? Comment below!

Until next time, Xx

Blurred Lines of Business Profesh & Modern Chic

My thoughts on a modern business look!

Ahh, another Monday is in our midst with the angst of work/school/to-do lists lingering in the back our minds. But that’s all part of life and soaking in every moment!

Today, I wanted to focus on a fashion topic I’ve struggled so much with as I’ve transitioned from my college wardrobe to slightly more conservative and classy collection. Yeah, I still plan on keeping “going out for drinks with the girls” or “date night” pieces, but I pick and choose a bit more now with the thoughts of, can I wear this for more than one occasion, is it “skanky” or classic looking, and does it show too much skin or just the right amount.

Stemming from this on the opposite end of the spectrum, I’m not a huge fan of business suits. I’m not too sure why… Maybe because they feel so restrictive, bland and basic? On the other hand, I know a female can spice up any outfit, include a “blah” navy business suit with a gorgeous statement necklace, pattern button down and kitten heels.

I don’t currently own a business suit, which I know I probably should… My work dress code is business casual, but jeans on a daily basis are acceptable.

Anyways, I attended this marketing conference, local in Columbus this past week. The event included learning about the history of marketing and the inbound marketing software company who hosted the conference (obviously) tried “selling” their software. I figured it would also be a perfect event to network and learn more about the overall marketing industry and struggles that others may face in the profession. All of the pre-seminar emails said “business casual” and I instantly started planning an outfit in my head! This is where I got to thinking about investing in a business suit… Maybe I should wear one to something like this? After a ton of back and forth, I decided to break out my favorite straight-legged black dress pants from Banana Republic (I adore these babes because while I am pretty short, hitting the mark at 5’3″, they end right at my ankles!); my favorite “baby-doll” Jacquard Polka Dot top from Vernacular (my fave boutique in Cbus!) and maroon and subtle black polka dot flats from Old Navy. I actually ended up changing into Ann Klein black kitten heels with bows prior to heading into the conference.

I love this outfit because it’s classic, professional and original for me! The sleeves hit maybe 3 inches above the elbows along with a higher neckline. The top is also a bit flowing as opposed to form-fitting. The event turned out to be pretty great (and no one had a similar outfit on πŸ˜‰ )!

What would you wear to an event such as this? Any tips to share?!

Until next time, Xx

A little fur in my step!

Hey, ya’ll! Happy 2016 (officially!) I hope you rang in the new year right with beautiful people, delicious eats & champagne. 

One clothing piece that’s made a statement and grown in popularity in the fashion world more recently is the fur vest (I’m sure PETA loves these)… There’s countless variations from lengths to color shades, and they add just the right amount of flare and sass to a curated outfit. Black is the simplest and most classic color to pair with fur vests. 

Fur is a girl’s best friend
For my family’s extended Christmas gathering yesterday, I paired a fur vest with a basic black long-sleeve tshirt, thicker legging-pants, leopard print flats for a hint of pattern and a varying-shaded statement necklace. Side note: I’ve recently started wearing a violet lipstick by Revlon that I adore! It looks gorgeous with auburn hair and fits right in with the deep, warm shades of the winter season. 

Do you have a fur vest or other statement item you love showing off for certain occasions? Let’s hear!!

Until next time, Xx

[The always much anticipated] NYE Outfit

Happy Saturday, everyone! I hope you had a fabulous Christmas full of love, joy and mass amounts of Christmas music… and maybe a little wine. πŸ˜‰ This was the first year I decided to really go all out and decorate my room, outside of my college dorm room. Decor undoubtedly brings up my holiday spirits, especially with the lack of whiteΒ snow and the expected chilly or below-freezing weather here in Ohio. Here’s a little peek…

Christmas decor.jpg
Hug & Kiss + a bit of holiday cheer

As the holiday season continues, a celebration that nearly everyone of all ages enjoys is New Year’s Eve; a time to celebrate where we are in life, be thankful for those we have to share life’s whirlwinds with, and let go of what no longer satisfies us–a time for new beginnings! Along with this cheerful and glitter-filled celebration comes the perfect outfit.

This year, tutu/tulle skirts have made a huge appearance in the fashion world. They’re all so unique, from beautiful colors and patterns to the various lengths. They’re one of my faves because you can easily pair a longer tutu with a basic text shirt or with a sheer top for going out with friends/date night! Like I always say: confidence is everything when it comes to fashion pieces–so rock it if you wear one! πŸ˜‰

+ As I get older, I find that it’s more about looking “classy-sexy”–it’s not always about showing the most skin. It’s about rocking a put-together and form-fitting outfit with confidence, ladies!

My overall outfit-thought-concept is an ivory tutu skirt from none other, A&F, an off-white three-quarters length sleeved sweater that has small dots in the fabric by ELLE from Kohl’s, black stockings and leopard print heels with an unidentified statement necklace to tie in the black tights.Β Here’s just a few photos from various Pinterest accounts that inspired my look as I head into 2016!

Do you have your NYE outfit planned?! What sparkles and unique pieces are you excited to show off?

Until next time, Xx

Big 2-3!

Let’s be honest, 23 isn’t a very exciting year… But I will say it’s better than 17 or 19 πŸ˜‰

This year, is the first birthday I spent at work- a “real paying job.” Not an internship, not a part-time, retail gig, but a job that I truly enjoy. With that being said, I had to treat myself to a fun birthday outfit! 

Big 2-3 outfit!

I found this very chic baby doll DO + BE top at Vernacular, high waisted, light skinny jeans from A&F (courtesy of a good friend!) and the oxfords from yesterday’s post! I mixed in a variety of jewelry an– waalah! 

I’m obsessed with the thicker material of the top, then a mix of black sheer flow in the back and lower in the front. The polka dots aren’t too overbearing and the longer cap sleeves just did it for me! Such a fun top to pair with all types of bottoms– + stellar for all seasons!

Until next time, Xx