Style Saturday: 5 Full-proof Ways to Always Look Put Together

We all have those mornings where we’re running behind and trying to look semi decent at the same time. Here are 5 tips to always look your best (even when you’re running a few late…)!


Cheers to the freakin’ weekend, ya’ll! *clinks mimosa glasses πŸ₯‚

So we’ve all had those mornings where we’re running – nonstop – to do the hair, sweep on some makeup & toss on an above-average outfit for the day. This is often a challenge, especially when you’re racing the clock, & oftentimes traffic, e.g. every Monday morning…

No matter your style, budget or profession, with the right set of wardrobe skills there’s no reason to not look your best & slay the day away!

Read a few quick & simple tips below:

A black everything. β¬›οΈ


I feel like I say this in most of my posts, but black is a closet staple. It’s always a safe bet (no matter the dress code) & it’s tough to mess it up. Pair an all black outfit with a statement necklace & you’re golden!

Wardrobe staples are key.


Keep your favorite tops, sweaters and jeans on rotation. Creating a “uniform” of sorts will save time & money. Seriously.

Offset makeup from outfit.


Don’t pair dramatic makeup with an over-the-top outfit, as it screams “it took me hours to get ready.” If you wear bold makeup, pair it with a more classic and simple look. I recommend checking out Tarte’s products, especially the Tartiest Matte Lip Paint! πŸ’„

Fashion trend: half-tuck.


Casual + effortless βœ”οΈ (this looks fab with jeans & dress pants)

Killer heels.

fullsizerender-21A good pair of heels will always give you confidence, & they can be the statement of any outfit. πŸ‘ 


Do you have any tips on what you do to complete a look?! Please share!

Thanks for reading! πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

Until next time, Xx

Weekend Beauty Blues

Hello, hello, bloggers! This past week was a whirlwind of activity, from picking out a new car and juggling a few work projects to catching up on sleep… It’s life. 

While I haven’t posted a blog-specific FashionFriday post in a while, I want to share this “grab the wall” fashion image I stumbled across on wander_beauty’s Instagram (see previous makeup post if you’d like more deets about their girly products)! 


Weekend Beauty Blues from wander_beauty
  I fell in love with this photo for two reasons: heels with jeans and holey jeans. Now, on to my mantra: you can wear anything as long as you carry confidence. I believe this holds true for any outfit/occasion, but also keep in mind the combinations. Here, the peep-toe, ankle strapped, periwinkle heels are quite classy, mixed with a dash of “rugged” with the jeans. 4-inch high, shiny black stripper heels that look like you found them laying on the sidewalk of a street corner would not go. Nor any insanely high heel. The PPP of color is very subtle, as is the low height. 

Personally, I’m slightly obsessed with ripped jeans and have a few faves that I wear on the weekends. While I do get some glares from mothers in public from time to time, I like to rock the straight legged, high waisted holey with a fitted top and a chic pair of neutral sandals. As long as your holey jeans aren’t tight and boot cut with holes in them from 1999, including on the bottom cuff from walking on them (I was guilty when I was younger of this!), then go for the gold! 

Do you pair a fun little heel with your favorite pair of jeans? Pointed toe or peep toe?!
PS- I recently started reading Mindy Kaling’s (fabulous) book titled Is Everyone Hanging Our Without Me? (And Other Concerns).


The girl with no tattoo
I highly recommend! She’s a comedian and inspiration. It’s an autobiography with a hint of her witty observations and a twist of shopping guide, with a hint of inspiration. Seriously, go buy it on Amazon or your nearest bookstore! 

Until next time, Xx