Falling for Fall Fashion

Good morning, readers! 

Ahh, fall is officially here! It’s the perfect weather for early morning runs- mid-60s and cool breezes- and fun fall fashion. 

One of my favorite items for fall are blanket scarves (I have yet to purchase mine)! +It can be tough to find one that fits just right when you only stand roughly 5’3″ high โ˜บ๏ธ because some are overwhelmingly large, nugg like a blanket you snug up with on a movie night, while others are just enough textured fabric.  

Plaid wool blanket scarf

I came across this pretty neat blanket scarf style (left) on @pinkpineappleshop’s Instagram this morning and had to share! This shop also sells blanket scarves, so give them a look! I love the dimension and mixes of texture in this look– definitely not something you’d spot strolling down the street every day! +The blanket scarf resembles a sweater… But paired with the perfect belt, you have an easy and fresh fall look! SO FUN! I love that this is paired with mid-wash jeans and high brown boots– chic, comfy and cozy!

So let’s hear: what are some of your favorite fall fashion looks?! I’d love to see photos! 

Until next time, Xx


Dresses for Seasons

Hi, beauties!

I’ve been awful with not blogging (story of my life/how I feel I start every post). None the less, I recently had the chance to catch up with a good friend who I hadn’t seen all summer. It was wonderful catching up and hearing about her road trip across America this summer! (It’s comforting knowing someone who you have such a strong friendship with that you can pick up right where you left off- nothing’s changed.) 
After bfast and coffee, we stopped in one of my favorite shops, Vernacular (check out older posts w/featured clothing), and they had a pretty packed sales rack! + I’m all about finding deals! That’s what makes shopping so worth it; finding those hidden gems that don’t cost near the original ticket price! 

olive & oak terry shift

I purchased this beyond comfy stripe French terry shift dress by Olive & Oak. I wore this to work with very neutral makeup and a dark, but subtle, maroon lipstick, with my hair in a mid-high pony- simple but put together. 

What I’m most thrilled about is pairing it with black tights and brown leather boots this fall/winter! Or a fun blazer to add a bit more color to the dress. + Even more than stumbling upon stellar sale items, I love when you discover clothing you can mix/match and wear during more than one season! 

I wanna hear from you: Do you have any pieces you rock during a couple seasons?! Let’s see ’em in the comments section!
Until next time, Xx

Accessories, a girl’s best friend

AY YO! Monday is over and it’s a short-holiday week– we love it! I’m sorry I didn’t post this last week’s FashionFriday, I caught up on life and much needed sleep (haha!)– I feel like we can all relate to that, right?!

This post is based on something that a lot of girls may not think about. Accessories. Accessories can liven up any outfit. You can go from dull to glam just by adding a few bracelets/bangles, earrings and maybe a chunky ring- whatever you like. Accessories are a girl’s best friend.

I also believe accessories can tell a story or a lot about a person, such as where he/she has been or their interests, like favorite colors, style, designs, quotes… nearly everything under the sun!

Below is one of my fav accessories photos from Alex & Ani’s Instagram. Alex & Ani is an American retailer and producer of jewelry ranging from bangles, earrings, necklaces and rings that are all individually unique (see photo). They’re really luscious to group/pair together, expressing yourself in your own unique way.

Alex & Ani bangle bracelets
Alex & Ani bangle bracelets
What are some of your favorite accessories?

Until next time, Xx