Summer-Fun Patterns 🌼🌴

Happy (almost) Sunday, readers! Today was beyond gorgeous – bright blue skies, low humidity, 88 degrees and a gleaming sun. What more can you ask for?! 🌞

As this summer’s fashion trends have been rolling out, florals and bold colors have been HUGE! Now, don’t get me wrong, patterns and bold colors can undoubtedly be intimidating. The key to all things intimindation is confidence. If you dig the all-over, funky pattern, you rock it with confidence! Trust me, it will make every single outfit. 

I found the most fun patterned Pixie pants and shorts from Old Navy recently. 

I love these pants because you can mix a solid or a subtle pattern for the top to add a bit more sass & fun! The aloha flowers make me wish I were on vacation like no other. Also, I’m obsessed with Pixie pants in general – they’re always a perfect fit. 

Pick out your favorite:

These coral palm tree printed shorts are more than perfect. They’re long but not too long, like “mom-long.” I paired these with a white tunic from Old Navy for a casual & chic summer look. These bad boys are my new favorite shorts. 🌴

No matter the color, no matter the pattern, always wear confidence. Life can’t be perfect, but your outfit can be. πŸŽ€

What are some of your most loved summer patterns or pieces?

Until next time, Xx

Favorite Stores: Spring Edition

Hi there, hello, readers! Happy Tuesday! 🌷

So now that it finally feels like spring has sprung, that means bright colors, dresses & light textiles! Today, I finally put away all the bulky sweaters & hung all zee fresh & vibrant colors in my wardrobe (granted, I will always have a bit of black for every season πŸ˜‰). It’s so refreshing.

With this transition, I wanted to share with you all a couple of my favorite pieces & top picks for clothing shops:

  • Target. But really, Target is my top go-to for clothing. If you don’t already shop there, you need to very soon! They have some great steals, & Victoria Beckham just released her not-so-Posh line & it’s ahhh-maxing

A Merona Target find. I’m obsessed with the peplum sleeve + the vibrancy of the royal blue. It’s so chic! πŸ‘—
Another Merona Target snag from 2 years ago. The creamy material is so light + the vertical floral pattern adds just the right amount of color & sass 🌼

  • Loft. I mean cute & business/casual chic all in one?! HI, YES PLEASE. Plus, sign up for Loft emails – there’s usually a sale code included! πŸ˜‰
  • Vernacular. A local clothing boutique that’s expanding to Texas and Atlanta. They have prime, hand-picked pieces for every season! You can also order online. 

OK, so what are some of your favorite clothing shops or boutiques?! What are you rocking for spring?

I can’t wait to hear – thanks for reading!

Until next time, Xx

Fashion on a Budget & Fall Florals

Happy Tuesday, readers! We’re almost half way through the week, it’s almost the start of a new, fresh month- what more could you ask for?!

Tonight’s post is inspired by a recent find at Kohl’s and themed, “fashion on a budget.” Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Kohl’s fan, but I’m an even bigger fan of discovering one-of-a-kind items that can go with a variety of other pieces at a reasonable price (under $30 for the top shown below). This fitted baby doll sweater top is light and so chic. I love the neutrals and blush colors mixed in with the floral- colorful while perfect for fall! The ruffles around the hem add a bit more pop of “girly!” 

This LC Lauren Conrad top paired nicely with the grey/green jeans and Style&Co mocha leather booties- a fun “Falling for Fall” outfit!

LC Lauren Conrad
Words of advice: never buy clothes just “to have”… You need to love the pieces, otherwise, 99% of the time they’ll sit in your closet, unworn. Buy items that can be worn with pieces you have- you’ll be happier with your purchases in the long-run! It’s also a phenomenal feeling when you find that perfect item at a discount… Makes it even more worth while. 

Do you have a favorite patterned piece that you like to wear with different outfits!? Let me hear!

Until next time, Xx