FashionFriday: Nail Color

HAPPY FOURTH, BLOGGERS! And HAPPY 229th BIRTHDAY, AMERICA! Today’s a day we sometimes we forget why we celebrate- land of the free, because of the brave. What a great day!

I’ve really been slacking with my posts, especially FashionFriday. For now, I’ll blame it on the extended holiday weekend. 😉

But this week’s post I wanted to highlight nail colors! Whether you get your nails professionally done or not, nail color is something that should be fun to play and experiment with! Personally, I feel put-together when I have my nails all trimmed, buffed and painted- even if it’s simply with a nude polish. Bright colors can also add a fun pop of color to any outfit in the summer! Go wild; go crazy.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when I don’t have my toe nails painted; not too sure why, but I think toe nails look 10 times better when they’re painted and I’m wearing sandals or open toed shoes. Plus they’re little and super easy to paint! 😉

Along with nail color, my favorite nail polish brand is OPI. The color bottles last and don’t clump up, and the clear top coat is prime time! Below is a photo from OPI’s Instagram with a ton of really fun colors- oranges, creams and blues, Oh My!

What is your favorite nail polish color and brand? Do you have a go-to color?

Until next time, Xx

OPI nail colors galore!
OPI nail colors galore!

FashionFriday: Casual Weekend Wear

Hey peeps! It’s summer, it’s Friday and life is good! I’m pretty stoked about this FashionFriday: Casual Weekend Wear!

The weekend is prime time to relax, but if you’re going out in public, you have to look fabulous (as per usual)! Here is a really fun and easy outfit to put together- it’s from a blogger I follow on Instagram- emilyanngemma. She has some beautiful outfits, posts and blogs ranging from all outfit needs.   

I’m obsessed with the casual look with a pop of color. Ripped jeans can pair perfectly with relaxed tees and casual/comfort shoes or sandals. A little clutch or side satchel completes the casual but put-together look, too!

What is your favorite weekend look?!

Until next time, Xx

FashionFriday(Saturday): Wild Print Dresses

Hey peeps, it’s the weekend! (high fives all around!) I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday, so low and behold…. FashionFriday(Saturday): Wild Print Dresses. 

Summer is the perfect season to try out new and colorful patterns to brighten up even the rainiest of warm days. Sometimes you have to be careful about bright colors and washing out your skin, but in general, go for the gold if you see a fun little dress and rock it! Treat yo self. 

The dress pictured is from the boutique I’ve blogged about- Vernacular- a wild but subtle pattern. 

What’s your favorite patterned dress to rock on a summer afternoon or even when you go out on the town?


Have a fab weekend. Xx

FashionFriday: Stripes

HELLO, beauties! It’s the first weekend of June (finally!) and summer attire is out to play! This is a different type of FashionFriday post, but I’m excited! The theme I picked is stripes. This pattern can be difficult to play with for any and every body type- honestly, it all depends on the cut and size of the stripes and the material the piece is made of. 

In my last post, I mentioned a little boutique called Vernacular. Today, I decided to treat myself since I had my first pay from my new job, and bought this amazing black|white stripe dress! I fell in love with the light tan leather pockets on the front, and there’s a two-button detail on the left shoulder that adds a little fun detail. + A dress like this could be worn in nearly every season because while it is a bit thicker material, you could easily easily pair this with black hose and ankle booties or even basic flats! So versatile!  

Ellison dress – Vernacular

Now all I need is a pop of color with a statement necklace! What would you pair a dress like this with? I’d love to hear! 

Have a fab weekend. Until next time, Xx