Shape Tape, Tape, Tape, Tape

Happy Tuesday, babes! Whew, this past month has been jam-packed with life/fun activities/good chaos. 🌞🌸

But holy Toledo. I wanted to share my new favorite makeup find that I recommend for all females. Whether you’re tired from taking care of kids, working multiple jobs or just exhausted from life, Tarte’s Shape Tape will actually erase all those lines and dark circle from under your eyes. SAY WHAT?! No, I’m not kidding. It’s magic in a tube. Like hi, yes, slay! (S/o to Tarte Cosmetics!) 💕 

Tarte Shape Tape: Light. You can purchase Shape Tape at Ulta or

And here’s a quick how-to apply:

First, a before (I feel like I exhib more lines under my eyes with a bit of darkness)… 

Pls ignore the left over mascara in the corner of my eye 🙈

Next, apply Shape Tape with the tube’s wand in the shape of triangles under your eyes, on the chin crease and T-area of forehead. This helps with light that reflects on your face (decreases the shine). 

Then you gently blend in the Shape Tape with a blending sponge (I have a pack of blending sponges from Target & they work perfectly)!

Violà! It’s seriously magical. ✨✨✨

Shape Tape is sold in 10+ shades, so it can work for any skin tone!

Do any of you use Shape Tape as well — what are your thoughts? Or is there another makeup product that you think is gold?! I’d love to hear!

Thanks for reading! Xx


Fall Wish List

Hello bloggers!

Even though we’re still feeling the wrath of the muggy summer heat, autumn is right around the corner! It wasn’t until college that I learned to embrace and love fall and all it has to offer, from warm, oversized sweaters to fun leather booties and the most beloved, Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte.

I’ve compiled a collection of fall must-haves to inspire fun, chic outfits for the upcoming easy, breezy weather from places like Etsy, A&F, Macy’s, Express, H&M, Target, L.L. Bean and of course, Starbucks.

Fall Wish List
Fall Wish List

I love fall for one sole fashion reason: layers. Layers can be a blast– but do what looks best for you! Since I stand around 5’3″, long, oversized sweaters don’t always work for me… I look like I’m wearing a colored sack. However, I love pairing neutral sweaters with a top with a design/texture or pop of color. This year, I’m obsess with higher necklines, including scoops, to easily pair with nearly any sweater or leather jacket, and a statement necklace… or even a simple charm necklace. Side note: sometimes I wish the things I picture in my head to buy, would just magically appear in stores when I go shopping– wouldn’t that be heaven?!

So now, what are some of your favorite fall fashion pieces in your wardrobe?!

Until next time, Xx

Casual Wednesday 

Happy Wednesday, peeps! We’re almost through this beautiful summer week– at least it’s sunny and not too toasty here in Columbus; loving life!

Ahh, I hate that I haven’t posted FashionFriday in a couple weeks, but sometimes life is a whirlwind of the unexpected. 

Today, I wanted post these simple but chic flats of mine from the one and only… Target. Sometimes I struggle with finding a subtle pattern or design to throw in with my work outfit, and these little babes are beautifully illusion-full- an every-changing design to the human eyes. 

Blue & White summer flats
These have grown to be one of my favorite summer shoes and are unexpectedly comfy. Sometimes a simple summer shoe is all you need to bring an outfit full circle. 

What are some of your fav/must-have/to die for summer shoes?

Until next time, Xx


Hey, Hey, beauties! I’ve been slacking like crazy. NO EXCUSES! But I wanted to share something new, fun and super cute that came across my Instagram tonight: MakeupMonday. 

Here’s a simple look: light shadow, black liner and red lips- classic. This is from @wander_beauty and they sell makeup products! (all while posting some stellar pics online). CHECK EM OUT!

I’m definitely going to try this simple look out for work tomorrow– and then post! 

Do you have a fav makeup technique/trick or look? 

Until next time, Xx