FashionFriday(Saturday): Wild Print Dresses

Hey peeps, it’s the weekend! (high fives all around!) I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday, so low and behold…. FashionFriday(Saturday): Wild Print Dresses. 

Summer is the perfect season to try out new and colorful patterns to brighten up even the rainiest of warm days. Sometimes you have to be careful about bright colors and washing out your skin, but in general, go for the gold if you see a fun little dress and rock it! Treat yo self. 

The dress pictured is from the boutique I’ve blogged about- Vernacular- a wild but subtle pattern. 

What’s your favorite patterned dress to rock on a summer afternoon or even when you go out on the town?


Have a fab weekend. Xx


FashionFriday: Stripes

HELLO, beauties! It’s the first weekend of June (finally!) and summer attire is out to play! This is a different type of FashionFriday post, but I’m excited! The theme I picked is stripes. This pattern can be difficult to play with for any and every body type- honestly, it all depends on the cut and size of the stripes and the material the piece is made of. 

In my last post, I mentioned a little boutique called Vernacular. Today, I decided to treat myself since I had my first pay from my new job, and bought this amazing black|white stripe dress! I fell in love with the light tan leather pockets on the front, and there’s a two-button detail on the left shoulder that adds a little fun detail. + A dress like this could be worn in nearly every season because while it is a bit thicker material, you could easily easily pair this with black hose and ankle booties or even basic flats! So versatile!  

Ellison dress – Vernacular

Now all I need is a pop of color with a statement necklace! What would you pair a dress like this with? I’d love to hear! 

Have a fab weekend. Until next time, Xx

Fashion Staple Pieces

AYO! Happy Monday, peeps ๐Ÿ™‚
As promised, here is one of my favorite topics I wanted to share with you all: Wardrobe Staple Pieces! Woot woot!
As I’m still freshly new at my job, and the dress code is business casual/jean appropriate I want to continue to build my wardrobe with with pieces I can match for a whole slue of outfits! + I think it’s so fun to mix and match pieces to creat new and fun outfits for any occasion.
Here’s just a few fab pieces I’m looking to buy this summer:
1. Navy blazer: navy pieces can go with so many different colors, such as coral, white, grey, tan, white, yellow, other shades of blue, etc. I’m so excited to pair this with a coral peplum top I recently bought at Express, and with dark or light jeans- high waisted or hip-rise! Ahhh, and patterns! I think a patterned top would look stellar with a simple navy blazer.
2. Oxfords: I always seen young women sporting Oxfords, from black to tan to navy. Honestly, I really like tan/nude oxfords because I think they could pair with a wider variety of colors. Seriously, you could wear these little lace up shoes with a fun neutral, casual dress, jeans or even navy pants. The opportunities are endless!
3. High waisted black pants: While I do have a pair, I want another brand of black pants (mine are a little too stretchy for my taste….). At the same time, I wear these with so many different outfits- casual or work- based on the top(s) I’m wearing. They look so chic with pointed toed heels or flats and a skinny black belt! So many possibilities. + black goes with nearly any color (aside from navy).
Fashion Staple Items
Women’s Classic Blazer, Women’s Sueded Oxfrord Shoes & Women’s The Pixie Ankle Pants
I found all of these items on Old Navy’s website- a place I haven’t really shopped before… definitely some cute finds!
So bloggers, what are some staple items you currently own or want to own in the future? What do you pair them with?
Until next time, Xx
PS- A good friend of mine introduced me to a local boutique here in Columbus, OH called Vernacular. I have never liked nearly every piece at a store/boutique until I walked into one of their two locations! Check out Vernacular on their website at or on their Facebook– they have a very interesting history, too! It’s slightly pricey, but all are pieces you wouldn’t find at a “big box” shop… Happy shopping!


Hey, hey, bloggsters! Like always, it’s FRIDAY! Even with the holiday, this week seemed so long…. (Am I right?) Also, I promise to post a bit more next week- my phone deleted my last blog draft (oh!) and I haven’t had a chance to lay it all out again; it’s a fun one, so brace yourselves…

But for your FashionFriday, I have a stellar fashion chic/work outfit! I came across this on Pinterest (I find most outfit ideas on there). I love this look because of the pop of color with the red jeans/pants- red is most definitely appropriate for summer, too, ladies! The texture in the tweed blazer works perfectly here- you could do this for casual or dress- and just the right length.ย  Nude pointed toed heels or flats are one of my favorite types of shoes! They can go with nearly anything.

What’s you’re favorite fashion chic/work-type outfit?ย  Until next week… Xx


It’s FRIDAY, peeps! Fist pumps all around for making it through this beautiful week (at least here in Ohio)! 

It’s been a whirlwind; I just wrapped up my first week at my first “real world job,” and I’m so eager to dive further in and progress with the company (oddly, I work for a software company called SPIDA Software and they develop/sell software programs to utility and telecommunication companies, and attend a plethora of trade shows. I am the new marketing coordinator! Wahoo!) 

Anyways, this FashionFriday post will be short and sweet for your long Memorial Day weekend and festivities! The photo below is one of my favorite outfits I’ve ever put together (sorry, my mom is no photographer and I need to work on artistically posing for the camera at some point, haha). But as a whole, I paired dark, straight legged, ripped jeans with leather flip flops and a braided leather belt, both dark colors, with a “chill” tshirt (Yellow Springs, represent!) and a fun fedora. 

Three words: casual, fun and chic. What are your favorite pieces that you own for a casual, fun and chic outfit? -Comments are always welcome!-

Hope you enjoy! Happy Memorial Day, all!



Happy Friday! Wooo!

I’d like to start doing weekly posts called “FashionFriday.” My aim is to highlight fashion that’s come across my social world that I find exciting and fun to share! I’ll include my source, along with all the little thoughts that pop into my head about the outfit/accessories pictured. Some weeks I may do outrageously hideous outfits that may leave you with the unanswered thought- WTF were they thinking…?! Stay tuned for more fabulous FashionFriday posts, peeps… and enjoy!

Below is an Instagram photo from @frame_denim, a unique denim company that is inspired by London (fit & cut) and handcrafted in LA. Frame Denim is available for sale around the globe, at retailers such as Nordstom, Neiman Marcus and Theory (USA). They’re definitely worth checking out!

FashionFriday, Frame-Denim
FashionFriday, Frame-Denim
When I look at this outfit, I envision “classic chic.” It’s an outfit that’s simple to put together (which I’m a huge fan of)– no matter where the articles of clothing are from– and looks classically chic to the eyes.

I adore the length and cut of these shorts, too! *TIP: Longer shorts will look good on any figure… and we’ll leave it at that. The length also adds to the theory of a well-thought, put together outfit. A light sweater is a must for springtime weather, especially in a neutral shade. While it does look very classic and casual here, you could pair a light sweater with a plethora of other outfits, like denim jeans or pants, or layers for the colder months. The belt is prime time! I love it because it’s not too bulky and it’s not too skinny– it works just right for this look! As for shoes, it could really vary. Maybe a cute pair of Keds or Converse if you’ll be doing a lot of walking or errands, or a fun gladiator sandal if you’re hitting up an outdoor concert or doing a bit of retail therapy! Here, I think jewelry is optional. If you’re a glam and glitz gal, go for it with a statement necklace! If you’d prefer to keep it simple, that works, too. This is a great summer look for any female!

I hope you enjoyed my first FashionFriday! Feel free to leave any comments on your opinions, too– I’d love to hear them!



Well, it’s been a hot second since I’ve posted, but alas, since I’m living the dream of post-grad life, I have a little too much free time– at least for the next week.

Anyway, the topic of this post isย style, hence the title. Everyone on this earth has the ability to define his or her own personal style; jock/athlete apparel, boho chic, “mom” style, classy chic, plain Jane… you get the picture. Whatever you choose to wear,ย own it! Be confident; Rock it!

My biggest pet peeve is when I hear ladies (primarily) complain about how they could never “pull off” wearing a headband, a bold collar statement necklace or deep maroon lip color, for example. My response to those types of statements is, “Girl, you can wear anything as long as you have confidence… and a bit of sass!” While apparel and accessories should flatter the body, confidence will help you wear the outfit, rather than the outfit wear you.

So next time you’re at your favorite local boutique, contemplating whether to buy a gorgeously beaded headband,ย go for the gold!ย Buy it and wear it and make it your very own– you’ll look beautiful!