A Twist: Decorating your Office for the Holidays 

Good morning, readers! Hi, yes, I haven’t written in eons and life is never slowing down. But I wanted to do a quick post about decorating a small office-space for the holidays, because HELLO, Christmas is only 8 days away! 🎄✨

Office space can be pretty “blah,” unless you have a fun office space to work with, in which case it’s a bit more customizable. In my case, I have a fairly small office with high cream, metal walls and an L-shaped desk. While I didn’t go all out, I tried adding a bit of twinkle to common areas.

I love, love, love any and all bright and modern decor, and this rings true for my holiday decor as well. On a side note: I tried my hand at a few holiday lettering crafts (pictured below)… they’re not perfect but a start. 

How do you decorate your office space, dorm room or living area for the holidays? What decor vibe do you usually go with?! 

Again, these are trial runs. But I love crafting & these prints! 🎄🎅🏻 These guys are a 5×7 and the Grinch hand is a 8×10
I lit up this mini 2′ pink tree with 100 white lights and multi-colored bulbs from Target! I cannot get enough of their holiday decor to begin with… the skirt is a multi-colored candy fabric from Hobby Lobby. 💕
This print was quick and simple to make, but adds a bit of sparkle along with the tinsel to the front of my desk. 💫 (ignore the clear tape!!)
OK. I am actually obsessed with Rifle Paper. Especially this 2016 Garance Doré desk cal. Eekk, I’m hoping they release a 2017 one soon! The drawing each month is fabulous. 🎀
Last but not least, I made a few snow globes (minus the water/gel inside) out of Mason jars! Super easy. This one features a modern yellow-sparkle tree form Target. ❄️

Until next time, Xx


Author: maria.latour

A fashion blogger with peculiar & particular tastes; I simply share what I know & love. 📍Columbus, OH

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