Pattern + a Pop of Color πŸ‘—πŸ‘ 

Hey, readers! It’s been a loco past week at work. Bright side: I’m in (somewhat) sunny Orlando- nice get-away from the Ohio snowstorm. 

So I was at a trade show that my company is exhibiting at this week and continued to see this young woman circle around throughout the afternoon. I thought to myself how much I adored her chic outfit! Little did I know I had a meeting scheduled with her later on in the day. Upon meeting, I excitedly expressed how I admired her outfit. πŸ˜‰

DistribuTECH chic
Long story short, I love that she paired a neutrally-colored, pattern shift dress with bright sapphire blue flats. The pop of color was perfect! Side note: the exhibition is for the utility industry which is primarily filled with men, some women and lots of bland color… It was refreshing seeing her professionally-chic outfit. Well done, Libbie!

Until next time, Xx


Author: maria.latour

A fashion blogger with peculiar & particular tastes; I simply share what I know & love. πŸ“Columbus, OH

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