A little fur in my step!

Hey, ya’ll! Happy 2016 (officially!) I hope you rang in the new year right with beautiful people, delicious eats & champagne. 

One clothing piece that’s made a statement and grown in popularity in the fashion world more recently is the fur vest (I’m sure PETA loves these)… There’s countless variations from lengths to color shades, and they add just the right amount of flare and sass to a curated outfit. Black is the simplest and most classic color to pair with fur vests. 

Fur is a girl’s best friend
For my family’s extended Christmas gathering yesterday, I paired a fur vest with a basic black long-sleeve tshirt, thicker legging-pants, leopard print flats for a hint of pattern and a varying-shaded statement necklace. Side note: I’ve recently started wearing a violet lipstick by Revlon that I adore! It looks gorgeous with auburn hair and fits right in with the deep, warm shades of the winter season. 

Do you have a fur vest or other statement item you love showing off for certain occasions? Let’s hear!!

Until next time, Xx


Author: maria.latour

A fashion blogger with peculiar & particular tastes; I simply share what I know & love. 📍Columbus, OH

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