FashionFriday: Nail Color

HAPPY FOURTH, BLOGGERS! And HAPPY 229th BIRTHDAY, AMERICA! Today’s a day we sometimes we forget why we celebrate- land of the free, because of the brave. What a great day!

I’ve really been slacking with my posts, especially FashionFriday. For now, I’ll blame it on the extended holiday weekend. 😉

But this week’s post I wanted to highlight nail colors! Whether you get your nails professionally done or not, nail color is something that should be fun to play and experiment with! Personally, I feel put-together when I have my nails all trimmed, buffed and painted- even if it’s simply with a nude polish. Bright colors can also add a fun pop of color to any outfit in the summer! Go wild; go crazy.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when I don’t have my toe nails painted; not too sure why, but I think toe nails look 10 times better when they’re painted and I’m wearing sandals or open toed shoes. Plus they’re little and super easy to paint! 😉

Along with nail color, my favorite nail polish brand is OPI. The color bottles last and don’t clump up, and the clear top coat is prime time! Below is a photo from OPI’s Instagram with a ton of really fun colors- oranges, creams and blues, Oh My!

What is your favorite nail polish color and brand? Do you have a go-to color?

Until next time, Xx

OPI nail colors galore!
OPI nail colors galore!

Author: maria.latour

A fashion blogger with peculiar & particular tastes; I simply share what I know & love. 📍Columbus, OH

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