Happy Friday! Wooo!

I’d like to start doing weekly posts called “FashionFriday.” My aim is to highlight fashion that’s come across my social world that I find exciting and fun to share! I’ll include my source, along with all the little thoughts that pop into my head about the outfit/accessories pictured. Some weeks I may do outrageously hideous outfits that may leave you with the unanswered thought- WTF were they thinking…?! Stay tuned for more fabulous FashionFriday posts, peeps… and enjoy!

Below is an Instagram photo from @frame_denim, a unique denim company that is inspired by London (fit & cut) and handcrafted in LA. Frame Denim is available for sale around the globe, at retailers such as Nordstom, Neiman Marcus and Theory (USA). They’re definitely worth checking out!

FashionFriday, Frame-Denim
FashionFriday, Frame-Denim
When I look at this outfit, I envision “classic chic.” It’s an outfit that’s simple to put together (which I’m a huge fan of)– no matter where the articles of clothing are from– and looks classically chic to the eyes.

I adore the length and cut of these shorts, too! *TIP: Longer shorts will look good on any figure… and we’ll leave it at that. The length also adds to the theory of a well-thought, put together outfit. A light sweater is a must for springtime weather, especially in a neutral shade. While it does look very classic and casual here, you could pair a light sweater with a plethora of other outfits, like denim jeans or pants, or layers for the colder months. The belt is prime time! I love it because it’s not too bulky and it’s not too skinny– it works just right for this look! As for shoes, it could really vary. Maybe a cute pair of Keds or Converse if you’ll be doing a lot of walking or errands, or a fun gladiator sandal if you’re hitting up an outdoor concert or doing a bit of retail therapy! Here, I think jewelry is optional. If you’re a glam and glitz gal, go for it with a statement necklace! If you’d prefer to keep it simple, that works, too. This is a great summer look for any female!

I hope you enjoyed my first FashionFriday! Feel free to leave any comments on your opinions, too– I’d love to hear them!



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A fashion blogger with peculiar & particular tastes; I simply share what I know & love. 📍Columbus, OH

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